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Training & Safety

Safety is of paramount importance in the longshore workplace as accidents can cause severe personal injuries and cargo damage.  All tasks in the longshore workplace require individuals to be aware of potential hazards and able to quickly respond to avoid such hazards.

Longshore workers operate large and complex cargo handling equipment and work in the vicinity of such equipment.  Being a longshore worker requires the ability to discern hazards and traffic conditions as well as properly executing work-related tasks using direct and peripheral vision and judgement.

An enormous amount of time is invested into each longshoreman to get them trained and certified for each piece of cargo handling equipment.  Each piece of machinery requires a different amount of training to receive their certification.  Such equipment includes:

  1. Yard Hustler
  2. Straddle Carrier or Noell Carrier
  3. Top Loader
  4. Container Crane
  5. Transtainer or Rubber Tire Gantry
  6. Stacker
  7. Empty Handler
  8. Fork Lift Truck

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Longshoremen JosephTacon
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